he Morkie is a beautiful little toy dog, a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier, and a Maltese. It is referred to by several different names including the Malkie, Yorktese and Linnois. Although Yorkies generally are silver and tan, and Maltese are white, the hybrid offspring of these parents can be almost any colour. Very fluffy and fuzzy as pups, their hair should be long, straight and soft as adults. They are considered non shedding and hypo allergenic so they are generally a good choice for those with allergies.

          he Yorkie and the Maltese are both breeds known for their lively, spirited nature, and as such, the Morkie also possesses these traits. The Morkie does however, seem to have a bit more of an easy going temperament and is commonly more placid than it's purebred ancestors.

          orkies normally range in size from 4-12 lbs, largely depending on the size of their parents. They are well suited for almost any lifestyle from apartment dwelling to country life.